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The Positive Outcome of HCG Diet Results

Posted on: October 29th, 2012 by Premium

The Positive Outcome of HCG Diet ResultsHCG diet results have made people more aware of how to acquire a healthier lifestyle.  This form of diet resets the metabolic functions of the hypothalamus to shed off the pounds and moderate appetite more efficiently.


There has been a lot of good feedback coming from HCG diet results that people really are clamoring to know more about how this unique weight loss process can help them in their endeavors to achieve the ideal weight.  HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin, this is a pregnancy hormone that is released during the first trimester and is mostly responsible for the so called “morning sickness” in women.  What this does is it basically regulates the metabolic functions in the hypothalamus.


The Skinny on HCG Diet Results


The HCG used in this diet does not come from humans but is a form that is produced naturally for medical reasons and is created in tightly controlled laboratories to ensure efficacy.  One of the most significant HCG diet results that have been reported is a weight loss of at least one to two pounds per day.  The least is three and the most people have reported is that they were able to shave 5 pounds off. Some of the aspects that contributed to how much of the weight was lost were diet modifications like eating more veggies as well as eating high fiber foods.


People that have experienced trying the HCG diet reported that not only were they able to lose the unwanted pounds, they were also successful in keeping it off more.  They said that they have a better appreciation of food as evidenced by a good appetite along with their diet modifications.  This method is a perfect reason to combine a weight loss program with healthy lifestyle changes.


A lot of people that have tried the HCG diet say that it does take only a minimal amount of effort to maintain the weight loss they have achieved.  Some of the most effective exercise routines that can help in keeping the weight off include low impact yoga exercises and a little bit of cardio to keep the blood pumping.  The fact that hypothalamic function is reset, their metabolism has been more efficient and they have less cravings and desires to stuff themselves needlessly.


HCG diet results produce a very positive outcome for many people because not only have they achieved the desired weight loss they have been longing for, they also have been placed on a healthier lifestyle.  This means they are at lesser risk of contracting common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.  They report to have more energy and feel healthier than ever.



HCG Diet Blog: Your Key to Look Slimmer in Weeks!

Posted on: October 29th, 2012 by Premium

HCG Diet Blog: Your Key to Look Slimmer in Weeks!Losing weight and gaining that perfect trimmed figure is probably the dream of each and every one in today’s life. With so much advancements in the department of fast foods, it becomes really tough for one to keep himself totally off from those mouthwatering delicious foods which are easily available anywhere. However, this kind of food habit makes one gain weight at an alarming late and before it gets a bit serious, one should religiously follow the HCG diet blog which has already helped many around the globe to regain that perfect figure in no time.


HCG diet was introduced in the early 50’s and gradually, it has gained much importance in the field of weight loss among many around the globe. It is basically a hormone which is released in the body of a pregnant woman in the early stage of her pregnancy. This hormone helps maintaining a regular weight and also burns the unwanted fats to make space for the fetus. However, with a few dietary supplements and injections along with this HCG diet plan, one can lose weight easily and it is also safe. One just needs to follow the HCG diet blog and carry on with the instructions provided. This will help to lose weight and regain the lost shape in just a few weeks.


HCG Diet Blog is Your Ultimate Solution to Lose Weight!


When you will actually think about starting with the HCG diet solution, try and consult a HCG dietician first. They can be your real life saver and will provide you with all the tricks which you will have to follow for the next few days to gain your desired shape. The HCG professional would provide you with some supplements or injections and it will help you lose weight. If you choose to take injections instead of the supplements, you will have to visit the clinic regularly, which will continue for a month or so.


The HCG diet solution starts with a few simple steps which will include some jogging, drinking lots of water, and keeping oneself away from fatty foods. The first few days of the plan will be easier for you as you will be given to eat anything and everything. This is termed as the loading phase and the extra foods will help you to gain some energy which is necessary for the rest of the plan.


After the loading phase, you will have to cut short on your regular intake of food. You will be able to eat only 500 calories per day and if somehow you exceed the limit, you will have to manage it the next day. For breakfast, you can have only a cup of coffee or tea and only one spoon of milk will be allowed to you for one day. In lunch, you will have to maintain some serious limitations and you can’t include fats, sugar, and starch in your regular diet. Dinner will be the same as lunch. However, you can mix and match different stuff to keep the process a bit interesting.


You just need to follow all the instructions provided by the HCG dietician and nobody can stop you from getting back to your desired shape. You can also follow the HCG diet blog regularly to keep yourself updated with the new methods of losing weight provided by many HGC diet consultants.



The HCG Protocol – Thinking of Dropping Out?

Posted on: October 26th, 2012 by Premium

It’s the HCG protocol again! If the number of people going for the diet is increasing, so is the number of dropouts. Are you too thinking on those lines? If yes, follow these simple tips. At least, you will be able to survive the diet. Everything is psychological. So take care of that side.


If you feel that the HCG protocol is “Impossible”, you might like to think twice. While it is definitely not easy, it is not impossible too. Often, small changes in your daily routine can actually give you more confidence to overcome the onslaught. Of course, if you have a family, it is important that you have their support. A huge cheese burger being shared by all your family members is difficult to let go. Therefore, it’s important for your family to realize the significance of this protocol. They must know what you exactly should do and how essential it is for you to lose weight.


Stick to HCG Protocol. Here’s How…


You must have meals that both your family and you can enjoy. There are thousands of delicious recipes you can find on the internet that can be prepared while you are on the HCG diet. You can get those amazing stews and soups and the meat flavored spices and herbs. Pep up your food always with the essential extra veggies. You can at times also add some potato and bread.


Make it a point to eat with your family. Never eat alone while your family enjoys at the dinner table. That has a lot of bad impact on you psychologically. Just because you are on the HCG diet does not mean you will not enjoy your dinner with your family. One of the worst temptations of the dieter is the dessert. Your sweet tooth plays devil when you diet. If your family is supportive enough, they might skip dessert completely for you. If not, they can at least abstain from letting you know what they are having for dessert.


Then what about Christmas, Thanksgiving, family parties, baby showers, weddings, and the 4th of July? Would you not enjoy? Of course you should, but you also have to stick to your diet. Refer to HCG blogs. They regularly update it with new recipes that can save your day during these occasions. You cannot overindulge during these testing times. Keep drinking water and stay hydrated.


Here comes the best tip…get onto the HCG diet along with a family member! That can make things easy ten times. It’s a strong support. There’s motivation from each other. You would understand the challenges faced and both would try to support. Then it will be competitive too! No one would break the diet!



HCG Diet Info – You Got To Stick To It!

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by Premium

Not all HCG diet info is safe. You need to follow the Dr. Simeons diet if you want to try the real HCG. Staying in the diet is difficult for many. However, there are ways to make it possible.


Planning to start the HCG diet soon? If that’s a yes, things might get quite scary for you. Have you taken pains to receive any HCG diet info from experts? You have to remember and follow a whole lot of things and that’s where starters get nervous. It’s always good to be particular and meticulous about this diet as it is something that is bound to provide results. Yes, the diet has been criticized on many grounds. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the protocol. However, it is important that you don’t freak out. Start following the program.


Beginner’s Luck. Beginner’s Tips


There is nothing to be afraid of. Follow the regime closely and you will be fine. Yes, it is easier said than done. But these tips might help you stick to the diet.


Original HCG Protocol by Dr. Simeons – That’s a must for the beginners. It’s the original diet without the additions and subtractions.


Read Everything about the Protocol – If you don’t this, you aren’t doing justice to yourself. Most fail here. They simply don’t know what to do and go haywire.


The 500 Calorie Diet – Never cut corners. Go only for the 500 calorie diet and if unsure, look up.


Staying Positive – A positive attitude makes way for a positive result. Period. Trust me, this is really important.


Messing Up Is Natural. But Don’t Panic – This does not mean you will keep messing up on something again and again. Remember, there is no single thing that can ruin everything in this diet. You may mess up. But the key is to get back on track fast.


HCG Diet Forum – It’s always refreshing to be in touch with those who are also following the diet like you. So join the forum. Also speak to those who have fleshed it out and succeeded.


In short – Be inspired. Do the things necessary to make you feel you are not the only one doing it. Thousands along with you are following the diet to lose weight. Moreover, inspire each other through the diet blogs and forums. Share every day details, diet recipes etc. Ask the experts if you are stuck.


If you are overweight, you got to get HCG diet info. This is exactly what you are looking for. Turn a deaf ear to the controversies. First try. Then judge. HCG dieters have lost an average of one to three lbs. a day.



HCG Diet Results are for Everyone to See

Posted on: October 19th, 2012 by Premium

 Cycling along with the HCG diet solution is the ultimate for weight loss. Cycling is not your regular cycling. It combines following a particular diet and using HCG solution drops. The HCG diet results are overwhelming.


The HCG diet results are from extensive research and survey on many people. Yes, HCG diet can be used by men as well. HCG is usually a hormone that is injected into the body wherein you don’t feel hungry, thereby losing weight. However, that is only the superficial part. Cycling is what triggers this mechanism.


Cycling essentially means that you have to follow P2 and P3 cycles only after which the weight reduction begins. P2 is your mini-load diet plan. Under this, you can eat whatever you want (after having injected), but only till the second day—which is also called the load day. Then after that you will have to follow 13 days of strict diet. This is the P2 cycle.


It lasts for 2 weeks. After that, there is no injection required for the next 3 days. During this time you have to strictly adhere to VLCD—very low calorie diet. This is from day 15 to day 18, after which the P3 cycle starts—day 19-22, i.e. 4 days. During this period, follow your mini-diet plan. Under this, you can have anything. Don’t limit yourself. Try everything, but not to the full capacity. It should be in restriction.


After that you have to again come back to cycle P2 and the VLCD and the cycle continues. Thus, injection plus the HCG diet equals to weight loss, that too without much compromise on the health.


Window for Weight Reduction: HCG Diet Results


AVOID EXERCISES. Yes, this is the only method in the world by which you can reduce without actually having to do exercises. Actually exercising pushes the hunger button. Hence, you will try to eat more; thus avoid that. Coming back to the cycling, do this once and see what the results are.


HCG diet is actually recommended and no such harmful effects have been proven till now. You can try this cycling procedure only after you have undergone the whole grind of the cycle once. Gradually, you will see the results yourself.


Many people believe that HCG diet is not safe; however that is not true. HCG is basically a hormone that is found, more so in pregnant women. This controls the hunger pangs and decreases them significantly. They are present in other beings as well, including men; thus anybody can follow this diet to reduce weight.


After injection, if cycling is done then that would be a very effective way to reduce your weight. Hence, HCG diet results can be seen only after you follow cycling and the results will surely not disappoint you.




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