HCG Protocol – An Effective Program for Weight Loss

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HCG Protocol – An Effective Program for Weight LossThe HCG protocol is a highly effective program for speedy weight loss. It was developed by the famous Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in the year 1971. HCG is a hormone secreted by a developing embryo inside the womb of a pregnant woman. Dr. Simeons believes the hormone can rapidly release those excess fats from your body and can help you gain the perfect body shape.


HCG protocol is the abbreviation used for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin protocol. This protocol is basically a dietary program which is world renowned for its capabilities of shedding extra fat from your body. This program can be very effective in losing that excess body weight and get rid of all those unhealthy fats accumulated in your body. This protocol or the program was developed by the famous Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in the year 1971. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is basically a hormone which is secreted by a developing embryo inside the womb of a pregnant woman. As per the HCG program, Dr. Simeons recommends the intake of limited doses of HCG along with your diet. He believes the hormone can remove the stored fat in your body and facilitate speedy weight loss.


HCG Injection:
Adopting the HCG protocol requires you to take HCG injections on a daily basis for 6 weeks. This duration is called a cycle. The injections are pushed in your stomach about 1-2 inches away from your navel. In US, the program has also been prescribed by FDA as a major treatment for fertility.


Loading Period:
In HCG protocol, the first 3 days of each HCG cycle is termed as the Loading period. During this period, the dieters are instructed to eat fatty foods in large quantity. Consuming fatty foods in high amount along with the HCG injections during the first 3 days will instruct the body on how to utilize excess fats as a fuel.

Diet Period:
After the completion of the loading period, the dieters are required to observe a particular balanced diet plan for the remaining days of the cycle. The diet plan for every day includes three servings of protein, two minor servings of fruits (like a small Apple, etc.) and two minor servings of saccharides and carbohydrates (like wheat crackers, etc.). Dieters can consume non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, etc. in an unlimited quantity. This compete diet plan involves around 500 calories/day.


Diets providing below 800 calories/day like the one mentioned above, are termed as very low calorie diets (VLCD’s) and should only be practiced under observation of a licensed physician. Although FDA hasn’t yet approved HCG protocol as a weight losing program (as of 2011), but the followers of this program have reported positive results from it. The program is said to be very effective in releasing those unwanted extra fats from your body and can help you gain that perfect shape rapidly.




HCG Diet Tips – Important Only If You Are Serious About Weight Loss

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HCG Diet Tips – Important Only If You Are Serious About Weight LossHCG diet tips are extremely important as they will be your motivation during tough times. Follow them and your burden will be lightened.


To make the most out of your HCG diet, you should listen to what experts have to say about the regime. Moreover, listening to HCG diet tips makes you feel good about your regime. Keep reading the success stories. That will give a boost to your mind.


HCG Diet Tips – To Create another Success Story!
The first tip is not to give up. The HCG diet is not a very easy thing to follow. So there might be periods when you would feel “lost”. However, you got to sail through the tough times and make it happen. Living on only 500 calories a day might seem like an impossible task for the first few days. However, every time you curse yourself, remind yourself why you are doing this. You have tried a lot of methods to no avail. The HCG however provides 100% results. There’s no time to give up. Just go ahead and do it!


Keep a track of how much weight you are losing every day. Maintain a weight loss log. Be proud of your achievements. This is best part about the HCG diet. You don’t have to wait for ages to see a drop in your weight. Every day you are losing 2-3 pounds and that is an instant boost to your mind. Monitor your weight loss to get motivated. Another very important part is sticking firmly to the HCG diet safe food. And there’s this positive thing about the HCG foods – the variety of creative recipes you can eat. Your choice won’t be limited to only a few boring foods!


Now that’s a bonus. So make sure you don’t eat a single morsel of something that’s not in the diet list. Be true to yourself and you will reap the benefits soon. Consult a dietician to fully understand the protocol of the HCG diet. You cannot go wrong anywhere. Read the instructions carefully. There are certain HCG diet tips you need to follow to make your diet more effective.
•    Take a multivitamin
•    Drink plenty of teas and water
•    Light exercises and Yoga will keep your metabolism rate up
•    Use grocery delivery services to avoid temptation
•    If you are an emotional eater, you got to follow the Emofree Techniques to get out of the habit
•    Take the right supplements. Vegetable supplements are great. Use alkalising drops to your water
•    30 gram fibre a day is a must. Make sure you get that.




HCG Diet Results: Burning Fats and Weight Loss made Possible

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HCG Diet Results: Burning Fats and Weight Loss made PossibleMany people dealing with weight problems are resorting to human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG diets. Though there have been many contentions about their safety, they have been very effective. So, check out the HCG diet results for a general overview of the product.


The HCG diet has been attracting a lot of people dealing with weight issues for years. Supported by marketing campaigns and positive customer feedback, people have become curious about the product and are looking at HCG diet results of real people to back their choice of taking the weight loss pills for positive results.


What is HCG?
Before understanding the HCG diet process and its results which it promises, let us try and understand what is HCG and how does it work?

HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is a naturally produced hormone which reduces food craving. The diet pills target the hypothalamus, which regulates food intake. Hence, HCG controls the amount of food intake and the nature of food we consume. Such total control allows you to monitor calorie intake leading to prominent weight loss.


HCG Diet Results and Reviews
There have been questions raised about the safety and the effectiveness of HCG diet pills. The safety factor is answered by the FDA which has approved the selling and consumption of the pills. Many doctors and weight specialists also include HCG in their treatment plans and have been very happy with the results which HCG diet pills have provided time and again. There have been no established side effects associated with HCG. Hence, if you are dealing with weight problems ask your dietician about HCG pills.


The HCG diet results often show that customers lose approximately 0.71 lbs per day. Though it is dependent on the client, the averages estimate a loss of 1 pound per day over the entire course of 43 days.


Many experts believe and state that for good results, HCG diet must be followed properly. It is recommended to start on a daily HCG dose via injection or drops. One can stop the injections and drops on the 4th day after you notice a loss of approximately 34 pounds by burning stored fats from body parts which are considered difficult to lose weight from.


For best HCG diet results, one must stop the HCG diet after the number of days mentioned by the doctor or dietician. It cannot be used continuously as it can lead to excessive weight loss which can be harmful for your body. Remember, HCG generally works on the accumulated fats on the body and if one wants to continue keeping the weight loss permanently, then a regulated diet is a must. Most diet regimes after a course of HCG diet pills state that one must stay away from dairy products, alcohol, and sugar to maintain the slim look achieved through HCG.




HCG Diet Info- A Weight-loss Miracle for the Obese

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HCG Diet infoHCG diet info is a boon to the obese. This diet plan requires individuals to consume measured HCG drops orally or through injections along with following a strict 500-calorie diet. Together these two help individuals to lose weight without affecting muscle composition. This diet is inexpensive and simple to follow.


HCG diet info can prove to be the miracle that two-thirds of the Americans who are obese are looking for. This diet was discovered by Dr. Simeons more than 50 years ago while working to rid people of malnutrition. He found that HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in pregnant women converted fat cells into nourishment for the fetus. He thus deduced that the HCG hormone could be used to decrease fat cells in the obese thereby causing the desired weight loss.
Hands-on HCG Diet Info
Theoretically, HCG is thought to suppress hunger and push the body towards using fat to provide energy. To follow this diet, in addition to taking HCG drops, individuals must follow a strict 500-calorie diet for a period of 45 days at the end of which metabolism is ameliorated and the individuals find themselves several pounds lighter.
This diet consists of three different phases. The first phase lasts for 2 days at the beginning of the diet plan during which individuals are required to take measured HCG drops orally or through injections and eat whatever they like to build fat reserves. The second phase which lasts for 23-40 days constitutes of the 500-calorie diet which includes foods such as vegetables, fruits and two meals of proteins along with the HCG drops. The third phase is the maintenance phase during which individuals can eat everything they want except starches and sugars. In this phase no HCG drops need to be taken.
The HCG diet is advantageous because it reduces unwanted fatty bulges without compromising on the muscle composition, there is no need to starve while on the diet as fat reserves in the body cater to the required nutrition, it increases metabolism, is inexpensive and importantly is simple to follow. This diet can also be followed while on other medications as it does not cause any adverse reaction in the presence of the drugs. However, critics of this diet claim that it can result in nutritional deficiency and might cause side-effects although most of the experienced have no complaints regarding the HCG diet plan.
To add to the HCG diet info, today homeopathic HCG drops are available even over-the-counter although the hormone is yet to be approved by the FDA for weight-loss specifically. Those wanting to follow the HCG diet should check with their physicians to eliminate any medical condition causing obesity in the first place.




Is HCG safe? Truth Revealed

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Is HCG safe Human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG is a naturally produced hormone which can treat a variety of conditions. However, one of the questions which have haunted HCG and its treatment is – Is HCG safe? Let us unravel the answers.


Is HCG safe? To answer this question one needs to understand the various reasons why one uses HCG and how is it related to weight reduction. HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is a naturally produced hormone during pregnancy. This has a number of functions one being to protect ovary or to maintain the progesterone level and in some cases it also serves to mobilize fat. The last feature and functionality of HCG has labeled it as a safe and effective tool to enable weight reduction.


How does HCG work?


HCG reduces food craving by targeting the hypothalamus, the main area in the brain which regulates food intake. By regulating this part of the brain, HCG controls what we eat, when we eat, how we eat, and how much we eat. If one is careful, HCG can mobilize fat deposits and lead to fat reduction is particular areas of the body such as the arms, hips, and abdomen areas. The fact that HCG can target areas which is otherwise difficult to shed weight has made HCG a popular weight loss technique.


Another advantage associated with HCG is the fact that it does not lead to sagging of skin. For instance, if a person drastically looses weight he or she might notice that the skin has sagged in the particular area of the body. But that can be totally avoided here as HCG targets fat deposits which leave the muscles intact. Hence, even in cases when you have rapidly lost huge amount of weight, the shape of the body is maintained.

Is HCG safe?


Even in situations when HCG has proved to be very beneficial to people dealing with weight problems, one question which many clients ask – is HCG safe? Many homeopathic institutions have conducted studies and found that HCG is indeed safe. Studies such as ‘Pounds & Inches’ published by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons state that HCG is a safe and effective weight loss solution with minimal side effects. He further states in the report that it has been effectively used since 1950S and today one can find HCG treatments across the country. Approved by the FDA, many medical practitioners even offer consultation and treatment plans which include HCG.


At present, no established side effects have been associated with HCG remedies and medicines. But like most medicines, many doctors and consultants recommend that one consults with a medical practitioner before starting the HCG diet. So, the question – Is HCG safe seems to be answered by the studies and reports conducted by experts across the country.




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