Know about HCG Diet Tips

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The HCG diet tips have been of huge aid, but it needs to be followed after all types of consideration.


Before knowing about the HCG diet tips, it is important to know about the crux of HCG diet which is all about diet drop meant to burn calories instead of the food calories. The goal itself is rapid weight loss. The HCG diet plan needs the dieter to maintain a 500-calorie per day diet, thereby making the body burn fat instead of the food calories.


Obesity being a huge problem in the modern world most people are trying to lose fat by eating right. However aimless dieting does not yield any result. Therefore it is highly imperative to follow certain diet plans and if you wish to go for HCG diet plan then do not forget to follow the tips properly.


How to follow the HCG plan?
The basic HCG diet tips for breakfast is tea or coffee which should be taken with one teaspoon of milk. A single spoon of milk is what that is allowed throughout the 24-hour period. However, sweeteners like saccharine can be taken with coffee or tea.


For lunch, this type of diet recommends some 100 raw grams of highly lean protein. This can be anything from veal, shrimp to lobster, white fish etc. Any amount of fat on meat needs to be removed before the meat is cooked, and the cooking process needs to be free of fats. Boiling or grilling the meant would be best and even cooking in healthy oil is fine. For dessert a fruit like apple, handful of strawberries, grapefruit would be sufficient.


The HCG diet tips recommend same type of meal for dinner as well. Instead of fruit one can have vegetable like spinach, beet greens, green salad, asparagus, chicory, red radishes etc. Following this diet for sometime would offer great results ad it is the popularity of this diet which has made the dieters share their own recipes for 500-calorie diet. This adds variety to the list and since huge number of items is available online, dieters can choose items of their choice and eat them as per their wish.


However before embarking on the HCG diet plan it is best to consult a doctor for this aggressive weight loss regime might not suit everyone’s body type. Weight loss needs to be of long-term nature; henceforth the aggressive dieters need to be extremely cautious when embarking on such a type of weight loss program. Go for the HCG diet plan after considering every aspect of your health in order to reap benefits from it.




HCG Protocol- An Easy Way to Lose Weight

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HCG protocol is considered to be a Bible that gives directions and sets apart certain simple rules which must be followed during HCG hormone intake. This hormone cuts weight by suppressing hunger on a calorie- restricted diet.


The word HCG in biological terms is very important as a hormone which is mainly present in pregnant ladies and is also an indicator while testing urine using the pregnancy kit. HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone which is produced by stimulation from hypothalamus, a part of human brain. HCG protocol which aims at reducing obesity or weight is rather simple, fast and consistent and can be followed by anyone right from the home.


Steps to be Followed during a HCG Diet

HCG has recently gained much popularity as a hormone which acts as a weight losing tool. The hormone enables loss of weight and also suppresses hunger on a calorie restricted diet. Dr Simeons has set down certain simple steps which can be followed easily and is the master brain behind the HCG protocol. Primary measure is to increase the water consumption to 2-3 quarts per day. Next it’s important to increase the protein content in the diet by 5 ounces. He has advised to eat 6 apples each every day. It is equally important to cut cholesterol rich American beef to almost 0%. It is also instructed to stop mixing vegetables with non-vegetarian items. Certain substitutes include 3eggs for protein at times. There is also option for seasoning using mustard which is very mild. Another important measure towards low fat diet is the intake of not more than 8 items per day which may include starch, protein, veggie and fruits which is distributed to 2 times in a day. However, it is not allowed to take any 2 items at the same time like 2 proteins and 2 starches.


However, as a biological molecule its profuse use as stated in the HCG protocol may lead to unwanted side effects which can be eliminated. This is helped by certain scientists who have brought to market pharmaceutical products which can be used as a substitute for the HCG. One such product is known as Nano Drops which are essentially homeopathic. This drug has been synthesized in labs using ingredients that match the biological activity of HCG hormone and is of greater demand in the market owing to its advantages. One most important property is that it poses no problems of side- effects. Then the medicine is considered to be self regulating and self-healing. There are no complications of using needles and HCG kits. There is also obviously no need of regular visits to doctor as the use is rather simple which involves taking the drops underneath your tongue.




HCG Diet Results – Showing the Way to Fight Obesity

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In the modern day hectic life with demanding work schedules it has become practically difficult for anyone to look and remain fit. As the years pass by the fitness levels begin to decline further thereby inviting various ailments. Herein, HCG diet is a protocol which helps in fighting obesity and maintaining the basic fitness levels without any side effects.


HCG diet results achieved by persons who have followed this regime show that now there is an easy and novel way to fight obesity. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG as it is popularly known, is a protocol spread over a period of six weeks and three phases which helps in destroying the unwanted fat in the human body. HCG is a hormone supposed to be present in a pregnant woman which supplies the basic nutrition to the placenta by breaking fats in a pregnant woman’s body, which is the reason why a woman’s health goes down after the birth of the baby. The same basis is followed to destroy unwanted fat in the human body.


Human body consists of three basic fats; Structured, Normal and Abnormal. First two are required for the nourishment of the body but the third one is unwanted and is normally found on hips, thighs and waist of the human body. By following this six week protocol which includes intake of structured food items including fruits and vegetables and self injectable HCB diets, a person tends to get rid of extra and unwanted fat from the body.


With age and lack of physical activity the metabolism of the body becomes slow or to say in normal words does not work as effectively as it should. HCG diet results show to speed it up to the normal levels thereby helping an individual attain the desired fitness levels. Contrary to belief, starving or dieting is not the best idea. Though it decreases the weight, it also kills the structured and normal fats required by the body for nourishment. By following HCG diet protocol a person is not required to starve. The protocol itself restricts the diet and excessive craving is controlled.


Points to Keep in Mind to Achieve Desired HCG Diet Results
1. Type of Body Structure: HCG diet protocol should be chosen keeping in mind the body structure of an individual since different body structures respond differently to different HCG regimes.

2. Strict Discipline for Diet and HCG Regime: Success of HCG protocol depends upon the seriousness with which the prescribed diet patterns and HCG regimes are followed.

3. Under Medical and Dietician’s Supervision: For best HCG diet results, the regimes and diet structures should be chosen with the aid of technicians. Self medication at times can be harmful as well.

4. Regular Exercises: One should not give up the routine of regular physical exercises which are paramount and indispensable for a healthy body and a sound mind.


HCG diet results are best achieved when followed with faith and conviction because in the present day scenario it is extremely indispensable to have good health if the goals of the professional field in particular and those of life in general are to be achieved.




HCG Diet Information Regarding Treatment and its Action on Human Body

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HCG diet information has proven useful to many, mainly people with obesity. During HCG treatment, the person along with VLCD is injected with low doses of HCG which will help release unwanted fat from the adipose tissue and not from lean muscle, hence the person is not starved even on a low calorie diet.


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is produced in the placenta of pregnant women and controls the metabolism of pregnant women much in the same way as it does with non pregnant women. HCG protocol advices taking a low calorie diet along with the oral or injected HCG. This has known to reduce the calorie as much as 1-3 pounds per day. The injection is in the range of approximately 125IU TO 200IU with an average loss of approximately 1-2 lbs per day along with VLCD.


Biological Role of HCG and VLCD

As per HCG diet info, a very low calorie of 500/day along with HCG treatment works as follows. HCG release is stimulated by hypothalamus for the metabolism or break down of stored up fat. Hence when HCG is injected along with the low calorie diet, it causes the release of mainly stored up fat from the adipose tissue and act in fact not on the metabolism of VLCD which has been taken. Since fat from the adipose tissue and not from the lean muscle is released the person is not deprived of the essential minerals and vitamins but instead expels unwanted fat which is taken up by the fat cells or released from the body. Hence the reason why the person living on a calorie diet is not becoming unhealthy but healthier.


The person also does not feel hungry even on a low diet because hypothalamus gets adjusted to the metabolism of fat and also fat released from the cells is distributed throughout the body. The hypothalamus adjustment causes a modification in the relationship between the person and the eating habits of the person. According to HCG diet info, an obese person becomes more fit due to the expulsion of unwanted fat from the body. More information can be gathered from Dr.Simeons Original HCG diet protocol.


The HCG diet info says that HCG used for reducing fat is not obtained from animal urine or from pregnant women as is the generally conceived idea but from natural sources synthesized in the lab from sterile cells. It is just the variation of the HCG used in fertility treatments.


A person before undergoing HCG treatment should take the advice of a specialized physician and blood tests and the general body assessment tests should be conducted to know the general metabolism of the person’s body according to the HCG diet info. This is particularly important for people with obesity.




Is HCG Safe?

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Is HCG safe? This is a question which has been posed by many health experts around the world. To determine if HCG poses any health risks or not, you must check the article.


Weight loss is desired by many but very few can achieve it. Recently, there have been loads of weight loss supplements and treatments available for people and choosing one which is safe can be tricky. One such product which has managed to create uproar in the weight loss world is pills and injections containing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. HCG is basically a human hormone found in pregnant women. The hormone is mainly responsible for storing and releasing excess body fat to feed the baby in the mother’s body. The individual who takes HCG drops or gets injected with the hormone can achieve weight loss as the hormone encourages the body to release stored fat; hence, reduces calorie intake. This can lead to weight loss but the question which is asked by many remains – ‘Is HCG safe?’


HCG – Factors to Consider


Let us understand the question ‘Is HCG safe’ posed by interested individuals. One of the biggest concerns associated with HCG is the claim that the HCG hormone totally suppresses hunger and craving for food. Many experts have voiced this stating that the individual might suffer from malnourishment if he or she does not follow a diet regime and does not include a regular intake of fruits, proteins, and vegetables. However, such claims are not true as many HCG experts are of the opinion that HCG hormone suppresses the appetite but the fat stores which are burned down by the hormones provide all the calories which one needs on a regular basis. In case you are still concerned, then you can combine HCG intake with a balances diet of solid food which equals around 1,200 calories on a daily basis.


So, if you are careful, then your weight loss story can be included among the success stories being aired on the Internet. Users have claimed that they have lost around 50 pounds after using HCG diet. The diet reduces hunger and can be very easy to follow for the initial days but one must not resort to it without medical consultation.


Get a physical examination done by a doctor and once he has approved then you can have HCG pills or get injected with HCG hormone. This will also help you deal with the question which users have – Is HCG safe? Remember your body is different from the body of a pregnant woman; hence, you need to determine the suitability aspect which will make it safe for you and also determine if it will be effective for you or not.




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