HCG Protocol – Tips to Follow While on HCG Diet

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HCG Protocol - Tips to Follow While on HCG DietHCG protocol is a highly effective dietary program for reducing weight. It can burn your extra fats and decrease your weight significantly. It was developed by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in 1971. You need to have a firm control on your temptations while on the HCG diet. The dieting period can be tough but it ensures a healthy lifestyle. Hence, be positive and don’t feel low. Follow the manual properly and don’t miss any HCG injection and other dietary instructions. Go through the instructions of the HCG diet well in advance. This will help you prepare your mind and body for the diet.


HCG protocol is a world famous weight reducing dietary program. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone secreted in womb of the female body during pregnancy. The HCG diet protocol can effectively get rid of the extra fats from your body and can help you lose weight significantly. This dietary program was developed in the year 1971 by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons.


The HCG protocol instructs to consume a prescribed dosage of HCG along with a restricted balanced diet. The HCG is believed to shed the accumulated fat in your body and also facilitates speedy loss of your body weight. While life can be very hard while on the HCG diet because of a highly restricted diet pattern, you will still have to follow some tips for a fruitful result.


Tips while Following HCG Diet


  1. Plan Beforehand:-Going through the instructions of the HCG diet in advance will help you sort out on how to carry it out efficiently. An advance preparation of the list of eatables permitted for the HCG diet will help you know properly and order only those meals which are allowed while on HCG. Pre-planning can help you make up your mind and body for the diet.


  1. The Injection and Loading Period:-HCG protocol asserts the intake of HCG injections daily for 6 weeks. Be sure that you don’t miss this cycle. Thereafter, a 3-day loading period requires you to eat large quantities of fatty foods along with the intake of HCG injections. These instructions should be followed properly to yield desirable results.


  1. It’s Psychological not Physiological:-Though the HCG diet protocol may bring about bodily changes, the actual game plan is psychological not physiological. It’s always your mind which tends to cheat on your HCG diet and not your body. It’s the mental cravings which draw you towards your favorite food; not because your body needs it but because your mind knows that you used to eat it before. Hence, try controlling your mind for the diet.


  1. Don’t feel low:-Remember that your dietary sacrifices for a certain period will only help you lose your extra fats and gain a healthy lifestyle. So, don’t feel low and boost up your mind to enjoy the period while on HCG diet. Be positive and understand that the current tough time will yield you a better life ahead.


  1. Don’t bow down to peer pressure:-The most annoying and difficult scenario which you will ever come across while on HCG diet is someone offering you food which you know you are not allowed while on the diet. Most of the times, people don’t value your want for a healthy life but you should value it yourself and don’t bow down or surrender to their temptation.




How to Achieve Best HCG Diet Results?

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People, who are overweight, can try HCG diet for faster weight loss results. It helps to lose at least 0.5 lb a day. For better HCG diet results, you are advised to stay away from junk foods and advised intake of healthy foods including vegetables and fruit juices without sugar.


Many people across the world are suffering from overweight problem. People, who do lot of exercises, are also likely to gain more weight with growing age. If the overweight problem is not tackled in right time, you are likely to suffer from various health issues. In order to help people to overcome the overweight problem, HCG diet is formulated and being sold by many firms worldwide. People are likely to accomplish excellent HCG diet results in short span of time if they follow the advice of their physician and strict diet rules.


How much weight you can lose a day?

It is possible to lose at least 0.5 lb of weight every day when you are on HCG diet. It suppresses the appetite for more food. It helps to burn the stored fat in abnormal areas such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen and other areas in our body. People are advised to consult their physicians before trying the HCG diet for faster HCG diet results. Daily intake of your food is restricted between 500 and 700 calories. It makes the brain to send signals to use the stored fat instead of the food calories and the lean muscles. As a result, your lean muscles will stay intact and burns the stored fats. Therefore, you will achieve better weight loss results in short span of time.


What tricks you should follow for better Weight Loss Results?

Lean meats and chicken can be cooked after removing the fats. Vegetables such as tomato, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, chicory, onion, chard, red radishes, spinach, celery, fennel, asparagus, green salad and beet greens are advised along with HCG diet for faster weigh loss results.


People are advised not take juices with sugar. They are advised intake of fruit juices without sugar to prevent weight gains. Foods with saturated fats are advised. HCG diets will help to lower the bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. Therefore, HCG diets will help to regulate your health to maintain a healthy life. With HCG diet, you don’t have to run miles to reduce excess fat. You just need to follow strict diet controls. You need not starve for losing the weight. All the magic will be done by HCG diet to remove abnormal fats from your body. You can include one apple, strawberries for lunch for better weight loss HCG diet results. Stay away from junk foods, animal fats and biscuits.




HCG Diet Info That People Must Know

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The HCG diet info is an important aspect of the present day wellness program. People are given an effective oral alternative to keep their health in optimum shape.


As more and more individuals are paying close attention to their health, various wellness programs have been flourishing across the world. Concerns and issues about diets are being taken seriously due to the dangerous effects of uncontrolled food intake. It cannot be denied that numerous persons are suffering from all sorts of ailments and disorders due to their unhealthy way of eating. The truth is, most people don’t actually watch what they are putting inside their bodies. Due to this scenario, medical doctors and health experts see the need to disseminate the HCG diet info to all corners of the earth.


Although exercise is the popular health alternative for most people everywhere, there is a need to step up the methods in restraining the provisions which are being incorporated into the body. Not all food supplements or materials are good for the health. There are a lot of instances where specific foodstuffs put people in danger sometime in the future. The introduction of the HCG diet has been launched in order to give individuals an alternative that is effective enough to shed off those extra pounds. Physical movement alone cannot trim down the soaring weight of most people. Even most diet substances are not efficient enough to promote an individual’s ideal body frame.


HCG Diet Info Perspective


The initial promulgation of the HCG diet info focuses on the injection approach. While the method has been widely popular, medical consultants see the need to promote another alternative. Instead of needles, the oral procedure has been instituted in order to simplify the lifestyle which HCG dieters are practicing. With the oral method, people find it easier to follow the diet plan. Persons are strictly advised to adhere to the five hundred calorie-limit. This means that the food intake must never surpass the five hundred-boundary line. The substances included in the plan present components which prevent weight gain and obesity.


For individuals, who are serious in losing those extra pounds, getting hold o the HCG diet info is a must. Many people may think that the plan is all about the integration of chemically-reinforced materials into the human body, it is actually not. There is an eating pattern which people should adhere to. The HCG program is not merely about trimming an individual’s weight by controlling the food intake. The diet procedure is also about incorporating a disciplined diet set-up which will allow the body to tolerate only around five hundred calories on any given day.




HCG – A New Miracle?

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Fed up of all the silly diet plans and exercise routine which you have followed all these years to lose weight but failed? Well, scientific innovation have actually created a revolutionary way of getting that dream body you always dreamt of and they have given a name for it too…. HCG. Read on to know why it is so much in demand and is HCG safe?


HCG basically stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a special hormone produced during advanced pregnancy stages. These days this hormone can be artificially injected in the body through intravenous or through special HCG diets charts. Interestingly, there has been a considerable controversy regarding the biggest question involved here, which is; is HCG safe? Basically, this hormone is greatly in demand these days to regulate the production of progesterone in the body which further regulates the accumulation of body fat and weight gain.


According to some researches conducted on the effectiveness of this hormone it has been verified that HCG can actually boost up immunity as well as reduce fat accumulation. Therefore, making it much easier to shed kilos when combined with exercises as well as healthy diet plans. People who are already heath conscious and follow a strict heath regimen but still fail to lose weight can definitely go for this. Apart from the usual doubts whether, is HCG safe? There are few other queries which doctors and health experts frequently face, such as what are the side effects?, how long must one go for this routine?, what is the best way to take it?, etc.


Answers to all the doubts:

Apart from being completely safe and harmless there are other side- benefits which HCG can provide which act as the icing on the cake for the users. There is absolutely no loss of muscle mass and it greatly improves the thyroid (…the real culprit for weight gain) functioning in the body. HCG greatly helps in rebuilding of adrenaline glands and balances the hormone production cycle as well as productions. The core function of HCG is to regulate “food demand” of the body therefore reducing the appetite and the hunger quotient. Another big advantage of HCG intake is that it replaces the good cushioning of “fat pad” throughout the body in a uniform manner.


To a great relief for the ladies all across the globe, HCH greatly reduces the double chin, fat and mass accumulation on the hips and the butts; and reduces that embarrassing pot belly which is ever so evident in both men and women these days. In addition to these advantages, the most bizarre benefit has to be the improvement of one’s singing voice….yes you DID read that right!


Once you actually realize the true benefits of this hormone, worrying about ‘is HCG safe?’ would really sound silly.




Latest HCG Diet Blog for Quick Weight loss Gains

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HCG diet is highly helpful for people who are obese and intend to lose weight at a fast pace. Latest HCG diet blog offers tips on how to use the diets along with innovative tips to facilitate faster weight loss results.


HCG diet is used by both men and women across the world for quick weight loss results. HCG diet is offered in the form of injection and homeopathic drops. Latest HCG diet blog indicates availability of alternative diets too for quick weight loss for people who are looking at losing weight without embarking on operator style exercises. HCG diet offers a professional way of losing weight stored in some of the unreachable areas while leaving the muscles intact. However, HCG diet is not recommended for women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. People, who intend to try HCG diet for losing 1 to 2 lbs a day, are advised to consult their physician before trying the HCG diet.


HCG Diet Tips for Faster Weight Loss Results

Some people may find it difficult to follow strict guidelines when on HCG diet for faster weight loss results. Chicken soup is one of the well known HCG friendly diets. Ingredients for chicken soup include 2 tomatoes, fat free and sugar free Worcestershire sauce, one chicken bullion cube, garlic (1/2 glove) and half liter water. The soup can be made by boiling water for 20 minutes. It offers effective weight loss results together with HCG diet.


Maximize Weight Loss Results with Organic Kosher Foods


People can also look for kosher foods in the nearby store. Kosher foods are free from hormones and pesticides.


People can make changes to their daily diets to get effective weight loss results without any adverse effect on their health. Include bell pepper in your meals on some days. Have homemade salsa along with meal on some days. You can also try Poblano pepper along with meals on some days.


The new study in latest HCG diet blog indicates that cannabidiol and THCV are effective weight loss products. HCG diet helps to eliminate abnormal fat from bra fat, thighs, hips, belly and muffin tops by suppressing appetite for more food.


People, who are on HCG diet, will lose weight at a faster rate. However, to retain the weight loss results, people should not go back to previous eating habits. They should stay away from junk foods and juices rich in sugars. They are also advised to follow strict food. People who are serious to lose excessive weight and lead a healthy life is advised to look at latest HCG diet blog and know about the innovative weight loss tips.




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