Best HCG Diet Results

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Best HCG Diet ResultsHCG diet is for people who intend to lose excess fat stored in abnormal areas and stay healthy. HCG diet can be purchased at online stores. You can lose at least half a pound a day. You will lose weight gradually and the results are permanent. It is 100% safe. You are advised to drink lot of water and juices without sugar for best weight loss results.


Many people across the world are suffering from overweight problem. They should abstain from taking fruit juices that consist of sugars. Instead, they are advised intake of raw juices such as carrot and apple juices. They are also advised intake of apples in between meals to speed up weight loss. Many weight loss diets are offered in the market for people who intend to lose weight at a fast pace and look slim. People are advised to read the ingredients of such diets carefully. HCG diets are carefully designed for people who intend to lose weight for permanent results. Many people worldwide, who tried HCG diet, have achieved best HCG diet results.


Types of HCG Diets for Gradual Weight Loss

HCG diet is offered in the form of injections and homeo drops. HCG diet is a natural one and you will not suffer from any side effects from its daily use. You are advised to use HCG diet after consulting your physician for best HCG diet results.


Many people prefer to use HCG diet in the form of injection for best weight loss results. This natural diet makes your brain feel that your stomach is full. It helps to burn stored fats to meet your body’s energy needs. Normally fats are stored in unreachable areas such as abdomen, buttocks and thighs. You will not feel tired on intake of HCG diets. Your body will get into starved condition on intake of HCG diets. HCG diet will ensure to burn fats and supply energy continuously for your daily routines.


HCG drops are administered orally. However, for best weight loss results, you are advised to try injection version. People, who have tried HCG diets, have not regained lost weight. The weight loss gains are permanent. You need to limit your daily intake of food to 500 calories for best HCG diet results. You are also advised daily exercises for faster weight loss results.


People should aim at losing half a pound to one pound a day. HCG is produced in the urine of a pregnant woman for treating obesity. HCG Triumph is one of the best HCG diets for quick weight loss gains. It reduces your appetite for more food and promotes weight loss. HCG diet Triumph is offered in various versions namely Triumph Slim Vanila, Triumph Slim Chocolate and HCG Triumph Appetite control. You are advised to take lean meat and avoid animal fats for best HCG diet results. Do not eat junk foods such as biscuits.




HCG diet – Stick to It For Dramatic Weight Loss Results

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 HCG diet – Stick to It For Dramatic Weight Loss ResultsHCG diet is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. HCG or Human Chorionic gonadotropin hormone is produced by placenta in pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone is one of the best ways to fight weight loss. In difference to popular opinion, this hormone is not extracted from women or from animal urine. HCG used in weight loss reduction programs are of a much lesser dose than that used in fertility treatments. A small daily intake of HCG can lead to great results of weight loss. Intake can be via injections or orally. Users have reported a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per day. A 500 calorie diet or a very low calorie diet is prescribed for users of HCG.


There are dozens of diet regimens available to choose form. Dr ATW Simeons original hCG diet protocol and Kevin Trudeau’s hCG diet protocol are the two most popular ones. Stick to the diet protocol in totem for the desired results. HCG diet specialists help in the proper administering of the diet with the right HCG diet info. HCG weight loss actually cuts down on the unhealthy fat in the body. It also releases fat stored nutrients that are in excess to the blood stream.


The right ingredients of an HCG diet:


The right HCG diet info is vital for the success of this diet program. This diet involves a larger share of vegetables and salads. Fibrous foods and intake of good amount of water also forms part of this diet. 30 grams is the recommended amount of fibre intake daily. Drink generous amount of tea. A minimal amount of exercise is also recommended for users of this diet plan. Take a multivitamin tablet. Choose the right multivitamin tablet fit for this diet. Emofree techniques are designed to help redesign your eating habits. Make sure to add supplements like alkalizing drops for water and vegetable supplements like super greens. It would be a good idea to order your grocery online or through grocery delivery services. This will help you not to succumb to the temptation of ordering more. Colon cleansing, although not recommended for everyone, can give dramatic weight loss results. Some users have even reported a weight loss of up to 10 pounds with this technique. Avoid late night eating and go to bed on an empty stomach. This is because the body stores fat during your sleep time. A cookie diet, details of which can be found online is a good way to control your appetite. Make proper use of the HCG diet info for an efficient weight loss.




Is HCG Diet Safe for Men?

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Is HCG Diet Safe for Men?HCG diet uses oral HCG drops. This is a hormone found in abundance in pregnant women. Hence, doubts have arisen about its effect on male body. However, studies have proved that it has positive effect on men along with helping in weight reduction.


HCG drops are composed of a hormone called as “human chorionic gonadotropin.” This type of hormone is generally present in females during pregnancy. This is why certain men are little nervous. If a man utilizes this hormone, what will happen to his body? Is HCG safe for men? HCG is simply not confined only to a mother’s body. It is even found in the fetus. Moreover, it is actually responsible for stimulating the development of gonads in a male fetus. Therefore, all men contain HCG in their bodies while they are still within the womb. HCG drops will not hurt male’s masculinity.


A Look at HCG Diet

HCG reaches the level of 288,008 International Units within a pregnant woman. This level does not have negative effects on the fetus or the mother. Moreover, there would never have been certain male organs if not for it. The typical dose of HCG injection for weight reduction is just 125 International Unit—that is 2000 times lesser than the quantity in pregnancy. HCG drops have just amount of HCG for triggering weight reduction effect. In fact, this usage of HCG gave Dr. Simeons the idea that HCG can be utilized for weight reduction. Hence, there is no need to worry is HCG safe for men?


HCG drops taken orally has helped uncounted number of men reduce weight. There are no indications that suggest of HCG drops bringing about harmful or strange effects in men. On the contrary, HCG drops appear to work more effectively for men compared to women, as men are prone to reduce weight quickly than women taking HCG diet. HCG is not a “feminine” hormone; it is a human hormone. This should aid in putting to rest fears men may have about the side effects of the HCG drops over male body. HCG actually stimulates the produce of testosterone within men. They help in developing manhood.


The plus point is that men can even retain all their muscle mass during weight loss. Men usually face the problem of losing muscle while trying to lose weight and later when they try putting muscle back they end up putting their original weight back once again. It is a dangerous cycle. However, this does not occur while they are on a HCG diet. The dose of the hormone that is taken is very small. Hence, there is no need to worry is HCG safe? Additionally, bodybuilders are seen taking dosage of this hormone for several years which are at least a double of the amount that is taken on the HCG diet.




HCG Diet Blog Recipes for a Mouth Watering Treat

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HCG Diet Blog Recipes for a Mouth Watering TreatHCG diet blogs are a great way to gain information on the various recipes you can have while on the diet. Try them out and you will love it!


Simply being in the HCG program is not enough. You have to be very particular about the food you eat. A lot of people in the program are advised to follow a professional HCG diet blog that has all the helpful tips and tricks to make you stick to the regime. One of the essential components of these blogs is the recipes. You got to make your program interesting! There are numerous recipes you can prepare that will also satisfy your taste bud. Here is a discussion on two HCG diet blog recipes that will make your HCG program real interesting.


Popular HCG Diet Blog Recipes


Many thanks to those wonderful people who have contributed to the blogs and made life easier for hundreds of HCG diet followers who have cravings for good food but can’t have as they are following the diet. Here are a couple of such mouth watering diets that you can prepare yourself.


Baked Onion Rings


  • Take ‘allowed amount’ of sliced onion rings
  • 1 Melba toast or grissini bread stick
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • ¼ tsp cayenne pepper
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper


Preheat microwave to 450. Add milk, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to a small bowl. Mix them to prepare a batter. Use a food processor to grind the grissini until it turns powder. Put breadstick in a separate bowl. Place the onion rings in the batter bowl and toss them to coat. Let the onion rings sit in batter for 3 minutes and then toss again. Dip the rings, one at a time in the grissini powder. Place them on a non-stick aluminum foil. Cook for 7 minutes, flip and cook again for 7 minutes. Eat immediately.


Asian Lime Whitefish


  • Choose any 100g whitefish
  • 1½ t liquid aminos
  • ¼ t grated fish ginger
  • Lime wedge
  • Pepper and sea salt


Take a shallow bowl (small). Mix a marinade of liquid aminos, lime juice (use half of lime), and grated ginger. Place fish in a bowl and coat it with the marinade and pepper and salt. Use saran wrap and place the thing in refrigerator for half an hour. Preheat your non-stick pan. Pour the contents and cook for 3-6 minutes both sides.


There are numerous other mouth-watering HCG diet blog recipes. Try each and every one of them and make your regime interesting and enjoyable. Good luck!




HCG Diet Tips – Your Key to Lose Weight Fast

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HCG Diet Tips – Your Key to Lose Weight FastHCG diet can make you happy like never before. Those unwanted fat reserves, you ever-increasing weight, all will get checked by this diet. There are a few tips though. Read them and your diet battle will get easier.


Want some HCG diet tips? Well, first know what it is all about. It’s a miracle for sure! Quite a large number of people have been utterly disappointed with different diet plans that simply don’t work. Fortunately they have the HCG diet plan now. It has been a life-changing experience for many. Why would you be an exception? Here you will get some important diet tips that are crucial for the success of your mission. Else, you will have to wade through a lot of books and online articles to correctly understand this diet. It’s not that difficult either. It is doable!


HCG Diet Tips – For those Who are Bound to Succeed


You got to pay a visit to the doctor for grabbing those essential multi-vitamins you will take every day. The multi-vitamins prevent eating on impulse. They reduce hunger pangs. Water is of course essential and you need to take at least 8-10 glasses every day. Have a lot of teas (green teas especially as they are amazing anti-oxidants) to keep your system running at full capacity. Don’t go for vigorous exercises while on the diet. Go cycling. Swim, dance, walk,, hop, skip, jump, do any light exercise. Period.


Meditation and yoga are the best ways to keep your body fit at all times. But more importantly, they keep your kind fresh and strong. In fact, these help you brace the HCG times. You must take the right supplements only after consulting the doctor. Never choose a supplement yourself. Eat plenty of fibre (at least 30 grams). Fibre complements the diet. You need to cleanse your colon to lose weight fast. However, this may not suit everyone. Again, consult your doctor before going for it.


Someone on Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)


Those on VLCD, should follow these tips. They will help you in sticking to the plan.


  • Have organic cookies to tame your cravings
  • Vitamins help a lot
  • Bored eaters and emotional eaters should learn the emofree techniques
  • Do not go to the grocery. Order food online so that you don’t feel like buying foods on impulse
  • Meditate and do yoga as much as you can
  • Exercise a must for you people as it helps you adapt to the sudden increased metabolism
  • Add a lot of teas in your system as they help boost metabolism, cleanse your body, and reduce hunger pangs


You are sure to benefit from these HCG diet tips.




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