HCG Diet Info for Your Slimming Needs

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There’s a reason why the HCG diet is immensely popular. It gives results as promised. If you want results, get into the groove. Here we explain the phases of the diet.


An obese patient, when he tries to lose weight by starving himself, he first loses the normal fat reserves. Once these reserves exhaust, it’s the structural fat that starts burning up. Only at the last stage do the abnormal reserves burn up. However, the aspirant gets thoroughly exhausted, weak, and incredibly hungry by the time he completes the second stage, if he completes at all. The result is that you burn the fat that cover your bones and not the fat you want to burn. That’s really frustrating, depressing to the core! Your skin wrinkles. You look old and miserable but the fat on your belly, hips, and thighs remain intact. Get HCG diet info and get started!


HCG Diet Phases

Phase 1 (Day 1 and Day 2) – Eat as much as you want. Focus on quality fat like butter, cream, eggs, coconut oil, high fat meat, nuts, and fish. This is real fun!


Phase 2 and 3 (Day 3 to Day 24+) – Only fruit, vegetable, salad, and meat, in very specific quantities – that’s what you get to eat in this phase. On an average, people lose 300gms a day. At times they even lose 2kgs in 2 days. The stored fat released per day is approx 2500 calories of nutrients and fats your body is using for health and energy. You got to drink plenty of water to flush out fat cells. You can lengthen Phase 2 if you want to lose weight by more than 8kgs.


Phase 4 (Day 25 to Day 35) – Here you end your calorie count and add foods to the diet again. This stage is extremely important as it educates you on weight maintenance and health for a lifetime. This stage also educates you about foods that are healthy and foods that make you ill.


During Phase 1 and Phase 2 you take the much needed homeopathic drops that tell your hypothalamus to release stored fat. These homeopathic drops along with the diet encourages your body to burn the stored fat. The drops contain herbs too that assist in losing weight and also give you the mental strength to survive the diet.


HCG Diet Ingredients


  • HCG
  • Irvingia
  • Garcinia
  • Mimulus
  • Gugulipid
  • Cambogia
  • Alcohol as preservative


Thus, if you are really upbeat in getting back in shape, get more of the HCG diet info. Once you do that get yourself going!




Is HCG Safe? There’s no Reason not to be

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Is HCG Safe? There’s no Reason not to beNumerous reviews brand the HCG diet as unsafe. However, the fact is they are wrong. You got to be careful while on the diet. If you follow the rules, you will lose weight without the slightest of problems.


In spite of numerous reviews branding the HCG diet unsafe, it has become popular. Why? It’s because it’s effective. So the next time anybody asks, “Is HCG Safe?” answer him by saying – yes, it’s effective. Most people forget about how harmful fat can be for their body. Some are so busy with their lives that they completely forget about their weight loss plans. The HCG diet almost always proves to be effective in bringing down your weight to an optimum level.


Is HCG Diet Safe?


If you are really confused as to whom to believe, the critics or the admirers, you should probably try and understand what the diet is all about. There are many who feel the diet is unsafe because one has to take hormone drops. Now, the fact is HCG is a hormone that comes from the body and it’s completely natural. Moreover, one is required to go through a thorough medical check-up to ascertain whether a HCG diet is suitable for him/her or not. This makes the diet safe. It may cross your mind – is losing weight “so quickly” healthy?


The HCG diet proponents are tired of answering this question along with the popular ‘is HCG diet safe’ one. The reason one loses weight so quickly is not because of the ill-effects of the diet but mainly because the diet enables the body to use its fat stores for energy. The organic foods recommended by the diet actually makes you workout and lose weight. There’s no evidence proving that the HCG diet has made one feel sick and down. On the contrary, people have talked about how liberating they feel after following it. As already mentioned, one has to be medically approved for the HCG diet before he/she starts following the process.


You need to go through a complete process of tele-consultation to make sure you sail through the regime smoothly. A dedicated medical professional will be a phone call away to answer all your queries. We hope your question ‘is HCG safe’ has been successfully answered. The hormone that is periodically administered belongs to the best pharmaceutical grade. This adds to the diet’s effectiveness. Moreover, you have already seen a lot of diets that shout about their effectiveness. The HCG diet has proved its effectiveness. Therefore, give it a shot. It’s time you make use of the excess fat and turn them into a weight-reducing component.




Read HCG Diet Blog for Quick Weight loss Gains

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Read HCG Diet Blog for Quick Weight loss Gains People, who want to lose excess fat stored in abdomen, thighs and buttocks, are advised to keep diet below 500 calories when on HCG diet drops or injections. Online HCG diet blogs offer information about latest HCG diet recipes for people, who intend to lose excessive weight quickly.


Many people worldwide are obese. Overweight creates lot of health problems including diabetes. HCG diet in the form of HCG injections and HCG oral drops help to digest fats stored in abnormal areas including buttocks, abdomen and thighs. Along with intake of HCG injections or drops, you need to maintain daily intake of food to below 500 calories for best weight loss results. HCG diet blog online specifies many easy HCG diets for people, who want to lose 1 to 3 pounds a day. You are advised to read HCG diet blogs online to find useful HCG diets for best weight loss results. Read on to know about few of the HCG easy diets.


Information about HCG diet recipes


Seafood HCG Recipe: Its ingredients include one teaspoon salt, one juiced lemon, six large sized medium cooked shrimp, cumin and ¼ cup cilantro (chopped).


Preparation:  Mix the shrimp with cumin, salt, lemon, garlic and cilantro. Keep the mixture in a plastic zipped bag. Now place the zipped bag in a freezer for about 15 minutes. Now remove from the refrigerator and cook it on medium fire. You can add salad for this recipe and eat for best weight loss results.


Online HCG diet blog also provides details about other HCG diet recipes. Herb Omelets is one of the best HCG diet recipes for breakfast. Its ingredients include eight egg whites, three eggs, one tablespoon full of fresh rosemary, one tablespoon full of coconut oil, ten slices of Melba toast, one table spoon full of minced parsley, two tea spoons of minced chives, one tablespoon full of minced basil, one minced clove, ¼ cup of sliced onions and ¼ cup of pepper.


Preparation: Coconut oil is to be heated on medium fire. Now sauté the scallions and pepper for 6 minutes. Allow it to cook for about 3 minutes after adding garlic. Now put the toasted slices in a casserole dish. Add the balance ingredients and mix it thoroughly. Place egg mixture over the toast, mix the vegetables and allow it to bake for 40 minutes. Now your tasty omelet is ready for weight loss.


HCG Diet Recipe – Mexican Salsa


Mix one chili pepper and red tomato and boil. Remove the skin from soft tomatoes. Now put chili pepper and tomatoes in a mixer and add salt and water. You can add flavors such as oregano, onion, sugar, garlic or cilantro. Online HCG diet blog offers information about more HCG diet recipes for quick weight loss results.




Vital Information about HCG Diet Tips

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Vital Information about HCG Diet TipsPeople, who intend to lose weight quickly, are advised to buy HCG drops or injections and follow the guidelines on the package. You are advised to limit intake of daily food to 500 calories for losing weight quickly. Best HCG diet recipes along with HCG diet are helpful to lose weight quickly.


Many people trying desperately to lose excess weight and stay healthy. In order to help such people to shred excess weight quickly, many companies are offering HCG diet in various forms including injections and oral drops. The HCG diet mandates to limit daily intake of food to 500 calories to facilitate faster weight loss gains. You are advised to follow the HCG diet tips along with intake of HCG diets for effective weight loss in the order of say 3 to 4 pounds a day. Read on to know about few of the HCG diet recipe tips.


Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

It is one of the best foods for losing weight between 5 and 20 pounds without much effort. It is low in fat, low in calories, rich in nutrients and also rich in fibers. It is featured one among the best HCG diet tips for quick weight loss results. You are advised intake of cabbage soup for just seven days initially. You will be on cabbage soup only for the first 7 days. You can drink as much as possible to prevent starving. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You will start to experience bowel movements after few days of intake of cabbage soup. It is an indication that your body is dumping toxins and waste materials. You need to return to normal food routine after 7 days of intake of cabbage soup. You can repeat the same diet after giving a gap of just 2 months.


Ingredients for Cabbage soup recipe

Its ingredients include three medium carrots, one small cabbage, six big onions, three liters of water, one bunch of celery, ten oz of mushrooms, two green peppers, 12 tablespoon full of bouillon powder, and flavors such as garlic powder, salt, parsley, pepper etc for taste.



Slice the peppers into half and remove the seeds. Slice the onions and sauté with virgin olive oil in a pot. Now put in the nicely cut peppers into the pot. Remove the outer portion of cabbage and slice it into small pieces. Also put in the sliced cabbage into the pot. Also cut mushrooms and carrots into small pieces and add to the boiling soup in the pot. Allow it to cook for 8 minutes after putting the lid. Now mix bouillon powder with water and add it to boiling soup in the pot. You can also add salt and pepper and allow it to cook for 2 hours. Finally, add garlic powder etc to the soup. Now eat this delicious soup for best weight loss gains. People are advised to follow this type of HCG diet tips for quick weight loss gains.




HCG Protocol – A Effective Remedy For Weight Loss

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HCG Protocol – A Effective Remedy For Weight LossPeople who are obese keep trying to lose weight as obesity in turn causes various diseases. There are numerous diet plans which have been helping people to reduce their weight. HCG protocol is found to be highly effective in losing weight in a short span of time. However the diet plan should be followed only after consulting a good physician to achieve desired results.


Various types of diets are followed the world over by people to lose their weight. Obesity is very common with people these days due to sedentary life styles, unhealthy food habits etc. Obesity is in turn leading to various incurable diseases and affecting lives of people. As a result nutritionists and doctors have come up with various diet plans which is helping people to burn their excess calories. Some of these dietary habits involve reduced food intake, eating specific types of food, exercising etc. Dr. A.T. Simeons developed a dietary plan called HCG protocol in the year 1971 which has been found to be highly effective in reducing weight.


Steps Of The HCG Diet Protocol


HCG which is the short form for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin is basically produced by the embryo when a woman is pregnant. This hormone is also prescribed as an external supplement for people having fertility problems. This hormone when used in small doses will help in reducing weight by releasing the stored body fat according to Dr. A.T. Simeons. People who wish to follow this diet plan are usually required to administer HCG injections by themselves daily for a period of six weeks. They are usually taken on the stomach some two inches away from the navel.


The use of this hormone injection is approved by the Food and drug administration for use in fertility treatments. However, it has not been approved for weight loss. Hence to buy this people require a prescription. The initial days of HCG protocol are called loading days and people should eat foods rich in fat in unlimited quantities for three days. After these three days people should follow a strict diet pattern for the rest of the cycle. The diet pattern allows people to consume five hundred calories per day. They are asked to consume an unlimited amount of non-starchy vegetables like cucumber, lettuce etc., carbohydrates limited to two small servings per day, 3 –oz of lean protein and two small servings of fruit.


People who wish to follow this HCG protocol should do so under the guidance of a good physician. This is because sometimes after the diet plan people may put on more weight than they were putting on before the diet. The diet protocol is also available in a vegetarian version for vegetarians. People following this protocol are also required to take homeopathic drops in the loading stage and the stage when they follow the strict diet plan. This drop tells the brain to release stored fat.




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