HCG Diet Info and the Benefits Associated With HCG Diet Plan

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HCG Diet InfoHCG diet plan was introduced in the early 1950’s by Dr. Simeons. This plan uses the natural way to reduce weight and prescribes low calorie organic diet. The plan is considered to be the safest and easiest as it does not involve rigorous exercises.


Health conscious individuals and diet conscious individuals are becoming more and more in number these days. Today not just teens, want to tone their body to shape but also many of the middle aged people also want to shed their extra pounds and want to say healthy. For people who want to shed their weight with little effort HCG diet plan is highly suitable. Gathering HCG diet info on net and on other resources is also increasing each day due to this plan’s assured results.


There are lots of diet plans available in the market today and each claim that they are effective. And they do excess marketing to brand their products with the help of celebrities; these products gain popularity in initial stages and fade away later due to its false promises. But HCG diet plan which was introduced Dr.T.W Simeons in the early 1950’s did not lose its popularity from the day of its introduction due to its re defined approach.


What is HCG Diet Plan?


The Human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) popularly known as pregnancy hormone is used as an identifying factor to conform pregnancy in early stages. Dr. Simeon’s research said that this hormone is also responsible to reduce weight; hence he designed a diet plan with a combination of HCG intake to reduce weight.


Most HCG dieters shed 1 to 2 lbs of their extra weight a day. The diet plan advises its followers to take 500 calories of organic food a day with the prescribed dose of HCG injection. The plan works in such a way that the hunger is reduced allowing the body to make the stored fat for fuel.


Due to the popularity of this HCG diet plan, there are also certain myths that claims that this diet plan is not safe for heath. This is not actually true. When the diet plan is strictly followed as per the guidance along with the prescribed workouts, the plan is very safe and effective way to lose weight. Few of the benefits associated with this diet plan are listed here under.


While following this HCG diet plan, along with losing weight rapidly maintaining the weight loss is also easy. Lean muscle mass can be maintained along with the loss of stored fat. Associated obesity problems like blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases are ruled out.  Due to the organic foods prescribed in the diet plan, it makes the flowers energetic and boosts their immune system. When the diet plan is followed strictly it also helps to improve the eating habits of the individuals. The plan is designed in such a way that the fat from unwanted areas is lost more quickly hence it maintains the body shape. As the HCG hormone is a natural secretion from the body the plan is also safe. To lose weight and to avoid risks, follow the original HCG diet info.




Is HCG Diet Safe?

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Is HCG Diet Safe?HCG drops contain the HCG hormone. HCG is also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. You have to put four drops of the HCG mixture below the tongue two times a day.


There is lot of buzz doing the rounds with respect to the Is HCG Safe? HCG drops consist of the HCG hormones used  by Dr. Simeons during the 60s and 50s. HCG also known as human chorionic gonadotropin, gets made in the placenta and the hormone that fetuses produce right after after conception. According to Dr. Simeons’ research, it burns all the stored fat as against the muscle mass. Using this research Dr. Simeons started a diet routine coupled with these HCG hormone. The results were remarkable. It became very popular. However, it was extremely expensive and the hormones needed to be taken in the form of injections.


The Diet to Follow Along with the HCG Drops


After that time, other forms of delivery have been considered. The best method among them is sublingual which is absorbed below the tongue. Hence, the HCG diet drops were started here. Placing some drops of this HCG formula below the tongue is combined with a rigid 500-calories diet. Individuals on this plan get amazing results within the initial weeks of this diet. Such plan ensures that not muscle but just the body fat burns to give the required energy for your body. There are several versions of the diet utilized with these HCG drops, majority of them happen to be highly calorie restricting.


You have to put four drops HCG mixture below the tongue two times a day. As the weight reduction program happens to be highly calorie restricting one, it cannot be continued as a long-duration diet. However, it may last as a short-term diet for 3 weeks and as much as 2 months long for the dangerously overweight individuals or people who want to lose nearly 60 pounds. Though everyone does experience weight loss while they follow this diet and consume the drop, the level of weight loss varies from person to person. Some people lose nearly about 3 pounds each day, while others may just lose one pound.


Combining the HCG diet drops with an exercise routine is an ideal insurance which helps you lose greater body weight. You will see that you lose extra fat deposits and also have greater muscle tissues if you blend these diet and drops along with exercises. You will see that drops and diet are a perfect help to aid in shedding the additional few pounds. You will want to keep up the diet using a maintenance policy. Lots of people have discovered that enhancing their exercise also helps in keeping the weight from getting back. Hence, you need not worry about is HCG Safe?




HCG Protocol – Healthy Living Recipes

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HCG Protocol Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that functions to implant fertilized egg in the Uterus Walls to help it grow in a baby. This diet protocol was first created and introduced by Dr A.T.W. Simeons. This HCG hormone is used to maintain and keep a very low calorie diet (VLCD).


It eliminates the hunger pangs in the body and unlocks the fat that is stored in the body at various parts such as the belly, thighs, bottom, hips and upper arms. HCG protocol diet affects the mobile fat leaving the structural fat untouched. This results in quick and easy fat elimination from the body.  It changes the eating pattern that acts as a beneficial in the long run. One can consume 500 calories during the diet.


Stages of HCG Protocol diet – Recipes for each stage
HCG protocol diet consists of four Phases such as:


  • Phase 1 – The HCG drops take 48 hours to start operating and showing effects. During this stage it is suggested to include salad during meals.


Apple Chicken Salad:

150g of Chicken cubes

3 diced celery stalks

1 Apple whole

3 spoons of lemon juice

1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 pinch of salt and nutmeg each

Cut boiled chicken in cubes. Add the chicken, diced celery stalks and apple in a bowl. Add salt, nutmeg and lemon juice to it. Mix and toss well.


  • Phase 2: The crucial period begins from stage 2. Increase organic content.


Spinach Chips

1lb fresh green spinach

1 whole lemon to be juiced

On the mesh dehydrator place the sheets of spinach leaves and sprinkle them with lemon juice. Dehydrate the stuff till crunchy on 105’ F.

Instead of a dehydrator oven set at low temperature for a few hours time can be used.


  • Phase 3: This is the stabilizing stage.

Baked Radishes with Olive and Rosemary Oil

3-4 bags of carb- free radishes

Olive oil for coating

Rosemary that is dried

Kosher or sea salt to taste

Coat a baking pan with oil and place sliced radishes. Sprinkle the radishes with dried and crushed rosemary and salt. Bake under 325 degree till they turn brown.


  • Phase 4: It is the maintenance stage. It starts the journey of a healthy living.


2 egg whites

½ cup of oatmeal that is uncooked

½ Banana

For a sweet tooth ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. Its usage is optional.


Blend all the above ingredients at a high power for time period of 15 to 20 seconds. Milk or water can be used to thin out the batter. Spray skillet or griddle with spray that is non-stick. Oatmeal acts as a substitute to white flour.




Importance of Following a Good HCG Diet Blog

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The internet has made a lot of things easy for us; even the HCG diet. Internet has given us the HCG diet blogs that are so important for the successful completion of the program.

There are a lot of things to the HCG diet. These can be called as ADD-ONS. The HCG diet protocol is not at all about starving to grow thin. While you will have to check your food intake till the time you are on the diet, you will also be given ample opportunities to know more about the diet. It’s a very exciting thing. Know about the diet before you give your word to it. One such amazing source of HCG information is the HCG diet blog. You will find a lot of people who have opened blogs on this protocol.

HCG Diet Blog and More…


These blogs are fun places to be in and are highly informative. Find a good blog and start following it regularly. Remember, you need a lot of support to lose weight. While this support can come from your friends, family, and partner, the best place to draw inspiration are the blogs. There you will find people like you who were clueless at a certain point in time as to how to lose weight and whether they should at all follow this protocol or not. However, now that they have benefitted, they are ready to spread-the-word.


Not only that; these blogs have posts by experts who give invaluable tips to the aspirants. These tips and tricks are essential as the HCG protocol is not a joke. You need a lot of mental preparation and confidence in you to succeed. Moreover, the blogs are apt places to ask questions. You can contact the experts, speak to the people who have already experienced the protocol, and even share these posts with your friends who are also planning on HCG. In short, these blogs are storehouses of information. Make sure that you choose the right blog. Now what’s a right blog?


It is one that’s authentic. Moreover, you need one that caters to your country and community. If you are following a blog from China, you may be gob smacked by the recipes, even though the blog is fully authentic. A lot of people follow the official HCG diet blog. Yes, you can of course follow multiple blogs for trying out new recipes and getting new workout ideas. It is essential that your HCG journey is smooth. Most people, due to lack of exciting ADD-ON features, drop out of the program. Yours’ shouldn’t be such a case. Enjoy!




HCG Diet Info- Unbelievable Weight Loss Trend

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In our pursuit to achieve the dream body shapes and contours various diet trends have come across in history, unfortunately most of them, destined to fail. However, HCG is breaking all the pre conceived notions here are some crucial HCG diet Info for all of us to use.


The human obsession to shed the extra kilos and look fit and fabulous has pushed us to different and sometimes downright ridiculous trends of weight loss practices. Though most of them come down to a knot and we are left disappointed. Yet, all is not lost as a fantastic new diet trend has caught up with the masses and it is call HCG diet plan. Not a lot is understood about this plan, which is why this article is dedicated to elucidate all the relevant HCG diet info.


HCG diet info: Plans and Recipes:


This diet stands for Human Chorionic Ganodotropin, which’s nothing but a human hormone generated by the female placenta. Contrary to popular belief these hormone are not extracted directly from humans in any way but fabricated synthetically in laboratories for commercial as well as medical usages.


The HGC diet info conforms to the diets protocols and it is imperative that recipes also follow all the strict rules of the plan. There are different types of recipes which are available on various medical sites. Along with some great cooking tips these recipes come with their added benefit too. Some of the popular recipes are Shrimp Ceviche, HCG Chicken Stir Fry, and Herb Omelet’s with multiple HCG for breakfast and the very popular Mexican Salsa Diet HCG recipe.


Well it would be completely safe today that the effectiveness and the advantages of the HCG diet can be easily judged by the hundreds of reviews by the end users as well as experts all across the globe, various doctors and health experts have officially declared that HCG diet is most effective it relies heavily on healthy and organic eating behavior. The HCG oral drops are combined with great many vitamin and minerals supplements such as Potassium, VitaminB5, B6, B12 which greatly boosts the metabolic activities.


In additions HCG diet clearly mentions the healthy combination of protein, good fats, carbo hydrates and fruits supplements. What is most important here is the fact that this diet can be easily changed and re-adjusted to your personal needs, therefore making it extremely curl for you to get your diet plan charted out by a certified HCG expert of a doctor rather than trying to do it yourself.


Having said that, if you move ahead with all the relevant HCG diet info and the will to lead a disciplined healthy lifestyle it is bound to be success!




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