HCG Protocol-A Detailed View

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HCG ProtocolHCG is a technique which is used for reducing weight through injections of a hormone derived from the embryo of a pregnant woman . There is a HCG protocol which has to be followed and it is a process of six weeks during which the recipient has to go through a process of three stages , Injections of HCG , The Fat Loading Phase During The HCG Injection Tenure and Dieting Phase. The process is popular worldwide and helps people reduce weight and fight obesity



HCG is referred as a technique used for weight loss. The rate at which the fat burns in this particular technique is faster than other methods used to achieve weight loss. Human chorionic gonadotropin widely known as HCG is a hormone which is found in the growing embryo of an expecting mother. In cases where problems in conceiving are diagnosed in women, the same hormone is induced in order to increase the fertility thus helping them to conceive successfully. Dr.Simeons who advocated the weight loss theory and also advocated the use of this hormone for weight loss by giving small dosage to patients suffering from obesity or aiming at weight loss, scientifically proven to flush out bad cholesterol thus speeding up the process of weight loss.


 A Brief Outlook at how HCG Protocol Works

There are various steps and procedures that one has to follow while adopting this method. A certain HCG protocol is followed, the details of which are explained below-


INJECTIONS OF HCG-For a period of six weeks the patient has to take HGC injections daily, forming a cycle, usually these injections are given on the stomach by keeping a safe distance of one to one and half inches around the navel area. Although the injection is widely used for fertility increasing treatments in females but the use of this injection is prominent in cases of weight loss even when FDA disapproves the use of hormone in weight loss program.


THE FAT LOADING PHASE DURING THE HCG INJECTION TENURE– The initial three days after starting the HCG cycle, are termed as the fat loading phase. During this time, people availing this treatment are suggested to have an intake of cholesterol increasing food products and drinks. The theory behind this is to make the body learn how to burn the fat using it as a catalyst while on the dosages of the hormone under the HCG protocol.


DIETING PHASE- Once through with the fat loading phase, the patients and dieters are recommended to stick to a very planned and strict schedule till the last phase of this six weeks cycle. They are suggested to consume non starchy vegetables, saturated proteins, small servings of fiber rich vegetables and fruits like broccoli, cucumber etc, coupled with lots of fluid and wheat crackers. The entire diet sums up to 500 calorie count per day.


By following this HCG protocol and adhering to the entire rules and regulations under this plan, one can achieve great results, the results usually vary from person to person as different body types respond to the treatment differently but overall it has received good response from the users of this treatment worldwide.




HCG Diet Info: An Access to Healthy Weight Loss

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HCG diet infoFor healthy lifestyle and a suitable body, its important to identify and distinguish between good and bad calories. Having adequate HCG diet info can help you in this task. So, stop waiting for the perfect figure and start acting is all I can say.


We have suddenly become conscious of our body types and the weighing scale does not leave our sights easily. All thanks to the hype created by media about those svelte, zero-figure bodies bodies. Well! It may not be a very progressive idea to run after the skinny bodies, but it surely is a positive idea to crave for a fat-to-fit healthy body. To start a positive change, you must be sure of the health information you get. HCG Diet Info provides you an access to the right diet plans and the correct weight loss programs.

Effective Way to Lose Weight

HCG diet plan is a safe an effective way of losing weight and controlling it. HCG is a harmony found in pregnant women and is essential to weight loss. HCG when combined with a tailor made low-calorie diet helps in reducing weight at a faster pace. The HCG Diet Info also lists down this finding and suggests a 500 cal diet a day diet with high protein and low carbohydrate. This diet plan helps you to tap the fat content stored in your body as energy, thus maintaining your lean body mass and keeping you fit.


Acquiring the Adequate HCG Diet Info

The diet plan is a combination of low cal diet and HCG, which may be in the form of injections, pills, or drops. You may lose 1 to 2 pounds per day. You will have to choose a 23 day or 43 day program. On the basis of the program chosen, the intake of HCG will be decided. Along with the injections, your diet will be customized too. For the people on this diet plan, the diet is low on carbohydrates and fats but rich in proteins. For instance, your breakfast may consist of tea or coffee without sugar with one tablespoon or no milk at all.


The lunch will be purely raw meat without fat. It may be chicken breast, lobster, crab, beef, or shrimp without any extra oil to cook. Top it up with veggies to make the diet scrumptious. You ought to be sure that you add only one vegetable to the diet. Along with meat, you can take one bread stick and a fruit. The dinner is same as lunch. However, you may occasionally replace meat with cottage cheese or raw, poached, or boiled egg whites in order to maintain a variety in your daily diet.




HCG Diet Blog – Information Haven For Those on an HCG Diet

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HCG Diet BlogThe HCG diet blog is an information haven for those on a weight loss mission as it gives tips for reducing weight through HCG-diet and exercise programs, recipes, use of HCG drops and contains success stories of the experienced ones thus enthusing individuals to continue their weight loss program.
The HCG diet blog is a minefield of information for those who are tackling some bulging issues! This blog gives information regarding the HCG diet program and also includes articles on weight loss elicited through this diet program. Given that today over-nutrition is a more serious concern around the world than under-nutrition, having a blog that gives you tips on weight loss is a boon for those suffering from weight problems.
Information Given on the HCG Diet Blog
Information given on the HCG blog covers a variety of topics all pertaining to the diet program. The information given includes those on meal tips with each meal of the day receiving its due attention. There is also specific information on what the individuals on a diet can consume such as what type of sweeteners they can include in the diet which helps individuals to actually know which types of foods they can eat and which are the taboo ones. Recipes of food items that can be eaten while on the HCG diet are given on this blog that individuals who are not cookery experts find very useful.
In addition to the diet, this blog also gives tips regarding the usage of the HCG drops and the use of homeopathic HCG. There is also a good amount of information on the HCG diet exercise that goes hand-in-hand with the diet program in causing weight loss.
Balancing the pros and cons of the HCG diet, the HCG diet blog also gives information on HCG diet warnings that alert individuals for any underlying problems other than just over- and incorrect eating that has caused their obesity.
What is really great about the HCG blog is that in addition to just giving information and weight loss tips, it also contains articles and success stories of those who have experienced the HCG diet. This is particularly useful for those just initiated into the diet as it motivates, provides support and makes them feel like being a part of the HCG family which is needed to sustain their enthusiasm for reducing body weight.
Finally, the HCG diet blog gives information as to where the HCG drops can be purchased and is even open to questions from those interested and having doubts making the blog quite interactive and alive. No wonder then that this blog is considered the #1 information source for those on a weight loss mission!




Details of HCG Diet Tips

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HCG Diet TipsMany individuals lose weight using HCG diet of Dr. Simeon. One advantage about this is that it only needs to be undertaken for a max period of up to 40 days. At these times it is very common to lose nearly two pounds per day.
Many individuals lose weight using HCG diet of Dr. Simeon. You can also enjoy this HCG diet as you reduce inches and pounds while re-sculpting your body at the same time. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is known as pregnancy hormone as it makes the hypothalamus towards burning stored fats and utilizes it to provide energy to both the baby and mother. HCG is utilized as a part of weight loss program along with strict diet. It facilitates safe weight reduction for women and men. HCG can be bought both as injections or homeopathic drops. Taking homeopathic HCG as well as following Dr. Simeon’s HCG protocol has helped many people lose weight safely and quickly without feeling hunger or fatigue.
What are HCG Diet Tips?
Consuming HCG as well as following a proper diet ensures that the used and burned fat for generating energy is the abnormally stored fat. It is not the normal or structural fat. So this diet will not only burn fat, it also burns any extra fat which is not utilized for anything and that is accumulated on the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and waist. One advantage about this HCG diet tips is that it only needs to be undertaken for a max period of up to 40 days. At these times it is very common to lose nearly two pounds per day. Each day breakfast consists of coffee or tea without any sugar. You can sweeten with saccharin or stevia. You can consume one tablespoon milk in a day.
Dinner and lunch consists of 100 grams of chicken, veal, beef, lobster, shrimp, white fish or crab. Any visible fats have to be taken out and this meat has to be weighed prior to cooking. The methods followed while cooking are grilling or boiling without any extra oil or fat. One serving of the vegetables such as asparagus, cabbage, chicory, celery, chard, beet-greens, cucumbers, green salad, fennel, onions, red radishes, spinach or tomatoes. A Melba toast slice or a breadstick is allowed and so is a serving of some fruit. The fruit that is allowed is an orange, apple, one half grapefruit or strawberries.
Additional to the meals, you are also allowed some drinks or seasonings while following Dr. Simeon protocol. You can drink water, tea, coffee or mineral water as much as you want. The juice from one lemon can be utilized as an added flavor for your food. Salt, pepper, garlic, vinegar and many other spices can also be used for seasoning. Therefore, fats and oils are strictly controlled in Dr. Simeon’s HCG diet tips protocol. Since fats and oils may be absorbed and enter the body via the skin, you must not use any cosmetics or lotions that contain fats or oils. Whether you apply oil to the skin or ingest oil, it interferes with the weight reduction, hence it’s prohibited.




HCG Diet Results Will Surprise You!

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HCG Diet Results HCG diet results are surely going to make you happy. Yes, it’s a must to consult a doctor before just to make sure that you are fit for the regime or not.


No matter how many diet sheets you follow and how many exercise regimes you tune in to, the excess fats keep coming back. Soon your battle to try and produce energy leads you to the intake of protein shakes and spending even more money to keep you from feeling fatigued. The HCG diet results speak otherwise. The HCG diet protocol lets you enjoy the naturally-induced energy and at the same time reaping the weight loss benefits. The excess fat will be released into your bloodstream and you won’t feel any hunger.


HCG Diet Precautions
Homoeopathic HCG products for treating menstruation and conception problems have been approved by the FDA. Very soon the FDA will also approve HCG drops as an effective measure to reduce weight. However, make sure you consult your physician before you start following the HCG diet regime. It has been clinically proved that the HCG diet does not have any interaction with any medication including the birth control pills.


HCG Diet Results and Benefits

  • Your metabolism increases and your testosterone levels are elevated a bit
  • You will understand that the fat is getting distributed as there will a reduction of the flabby areas
  • There won’t be any starvation from the lack of calories as the body will be naturally fulfilled
  • There will be fat burning without muscle damage
  • An increase in libido in both men and women has been reported
  • Your craving for sweets will be reduced
  • You lose 20-30lbs in 30-40 days!


This diet program consists of three phases. The first phase is building up of the fat reserves by eating as much as you can while at the same time taking the HCG drops. Next is phase two where a 500 calorie diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and two meals of 3.5 oz protein has to be taken along with the drops. This goes on for 23-40 days. The last phase is all about maintenance after you have got your desired HCG diet results. It’s a new way of living where you stay away as much as you can from sugars and starches.


It’s better to go for the all natural homoeopathic HCG drops as they don’t have harmful side-effects. Therefore don’t get misled by what the critics say. You can even talk to people who have benefitted from this diet. In short, the HCG diet results are always positive!




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