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Posted on: October 19th, 2012 by Premium

 Cycling along with the HCG diet solution is the ultimate for weight loss. Cycling is not your regular cycling. It combines following a particular diet and using HCG solution drops. The HCG diet results are overwhelming.


The HCG diet results are from extensive research and survey on many people. Yes, HCG diet can be used by men as well. HCG is usually a hormone that is injected into the body wherein you don’t feel hungry, thereby losing weight. However, that is only the superficial part. Cycling is what triggers this mechanism.


Cycling essentially means that you have to follow P2 and P3 cycles only after which the weight reduction begins. P2 is your mini-load diet plan. Under this, you can eat whatever you want (after having injected), but only till the second day—which is also called the load day. Then after that you will have to follow 13 days of strict diet. This is the P2 cycle.


It lasts for 2 weeks. After that, there is no injection required for the next 3 days. During this time you have to strictly adhere to VLCD—very low calorie diet. This is from day 15 to day 18, after which the P3 cycle starts—day 19-22, i.e. 4 days. During this period, follow your mini-diet plan. Under this, you can have anything. Don’t limit yourself. Try everything, but not to the full capacity. It should be in restriction.


After that you have to again come back to cycle P2 and the VLCD and the cycle continues. Thus, injection plus the HCG diet equals to weight loss, that too without much compromise on the health.


Window for Weight Reduction: HCG Diet Results


AVOID EXERCISES. Yes, this is the only method in the world by which you can reduce without actually having to do exercises. Actually exercising pushes the hunger button. Hence, you will try to eat more; thus avoid that. Coming back to the cycling, do this once and see what the results are.


HCG diet is actually recommended and no such harmful effects have been proven till now. You can try this cycling procedure only after you have undergone the whole grind of the cycle once. Gradually, you will see the results yourself.


Many people believe that HCG diet is not safe; however that is not true. HCG is basically a hormone that is found, more so in pregnant women. This controls the hunger pangs and decreases them significantly. They are present in other beings as well, including men; thus anybody can follow this diet to reduce weight.


After injection, if cycling is done then that would be a very effective way to reduce your weight. Hence, HCG diet results can be seen only after you follow cycling and the results will surely not disappoint you.

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