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Details of HCG Diet Blog

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Premium

Details of HCG Diet BlogHCG diet follows a four stage protocol. Each phase has its own set of rules to follow. If you adhere to them properly, you will surely get the desired results.


Weight loss via HCG diet blog consists of four phases. The first phase is known as the Loading phase. The second phase is called the Maintenance Phase. The third phase is called the Stabilization phase. The fourth phase is called the Lifestyle change phase. Dieters must adhere to two days of the loading phase, 21 to 40 days of Maintenance phase and around 21 days of the Stabilization phase. The Loading Phase of this protocol is a preparatory period for the overall weight reduction program. Maintenance Phase also includes the VLCD or the Very Low Calorie Diet.  The Maintenance and Stabilization phase are instrumental in reducing abnormal fat levels in the body.


Phases in the HCG Diet


The first phase in the HCG diet blog mentions about the two days loading period. You have to begin taking this HCG drop thrice during the course of the day. You must take 10 drops half an hour before your meals. You must ensure that you hold these drops for some 2 to 5 minutes below your tongue. Additionally, you must not drink any liquid 15 minutes after or before you take these drops. However, in this phase you may eat all that you wish. You must concentrate only on fatty foods and not just on sugars. This will prevent you from having hunger pangs during the second phase.


The second phase is also known as VLCD phase. HCG diet states that just HCG drop by itself do not help you in losing weight. It is only achieved if you stick to the 500 calorie per day diet routine. Hence, you must switch over to the very low cal diet from the 3rd day. Take coffee or tea without sugars as your breakfast. Milk of one tablespoon is allowed all through the day. You can eat 100 grams of lobster, chicken breast, crab, fresh fish or beef for dinner and lunch. One type of vegetable like tomato, onion, chicory, beet, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, chard, etc must be present within the diet. Two Melba toast may be eaten.


The third phase in HCG diet blog includes 3 weeks of maintenance. During this phase it is necessary to maintain this 500 calories diet during the first three days only. In the 3rd phase, it is expected that you stop consuming the HCG drops. During the next 3 weeks it is mandatory that you eat around 2000 calories diet each day. However, your diet must exclude sugar and starch. This phase emphasizes you to go for greater workouts. The fourth phase includes lifestyle changes. Slowly, again sugar and starch is introduced into your diet. You must maintain balanced diet along with regular exercise. Following these above four phases correctly gives you the required result.



Some HCG Diet Tips on Recipes

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Premium

Some HCG diet tips on preparing recipes are to use non-calorie or artificial sweeteners in beverages and desserts, to use lean meats and non-fatty fish, to include only one vegetable or fruit per meal and to boil or grill foods to lower their fat content.


The HCG diet, discovered by Dr. Simeons is a boon to the obese who wish to lose weight fast and with as little efforts as possible. The HCG drops when taken in recommended doses help to reduce body weight by suppressing hunger and by converting fat deposits into energy sources for the body. However, where the HCG diet tips are concerned, it is recommended that in addition to taking the drops, a 500-calorie diet plan also be followed. This is to control the calorie consumption so that the weight-loss process is hastened.


Since the HCG diet protocol also involves strict adherence to a low-calorie diet, there are many innovative recipes that have been specially concocted to cater to the tastes and nutrition of those following this diet program. These recipes are nutrition-packed while simultaneously contributing as little as possible to the empty calories. Here are some tips on the making the recipes specifically meant for the HCG diet plan.


Tips on Recipes for the HCG Diet Plan


The HCG diet recipes are not all about bland and plain foodstuffs. Instead, the items on the HCG platter are just as interesting as that on a regular one from any food connoisseur’s point of view. HCG recipes are available for all meal courses including dessert although the method of preparation involves certain modifications to suit the low-calorie requirement.


In place of sugar in beverages and desserts, HCG recipes use non-calorie or artificial sweeteners that automatically ensure that the taste-buds are pampered with no extra calories added. Even non-vegetarian foods are permitted in the recipes, but the meat should be stripped of fat and ideally be just boiled or grilled to avoid adding cooking fat. Lean meats and fish are the preferred choice and fatty-fishes are an absolute no-no.


The HCG diet tips on recipes allow for only one type of vegetable or fruit per meal. These can be dressed up nicely in the form of a salad or be combined with lean meats to prepare a delicious chili. Use of low or no-calorie dressings on salads can make them even more appealing to the tongue and the tummy.


With the help of these HCG diet tips for making the HCG recipes, those going through the HCG diet plan will find it easier to stay on track to lose weight. These tips will help HCG followers create diet foods that are still yummy, quickly and easily. Here’s wishing the HCG followers Bon Appétit even though they are on a low-calorie diet!



HCG Diet Tips for a Yummy Weight Loss

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by Premium

Who says HCG dieting is boring? You got to be creative and got to know which foods appeal the most to you. Here are some tips that can make your protocol more inviting.


Even though the HCG diet is a great success, the dropout rate is quite high. Now that’s not a healthy sign. When you know this protocol will help you lose a lot of weight, you should give it your best shot. Here are certain HCG diet tips that would most definitely smoothen out your journey. The trick is to make the HCG protocol a natural part of your life. You need to stop thinking you are being tortured everyday by the regime. So make it joyous. Make it interesting. No, this does not talk about the boring stuff every other site talks about.


Tip the HCG Diet…It Works Better!


Let’s start with the morning tea. A box of Chamomile tea can do wonders. Go for the vanilla and honey flavors and a simple Fruit Tea Sampler. Mix it up as per your wish. You can have the Chamomile one day and something from the sampler on another. A little bit of surprise element and variety can do wonders to your mind. Enjoy it, to say the least. Make sure to buy pre-cut and well-washed salad and veggies. There will be times when you will be hungry to the core.


You would barge into your refrigerator and wait for something to suddenly catch your eye. It better be the broccoli! Pre-cut veggies and salads are best to keep company during times of starvation. They are easy to prepare too! Stick a bunch of broccoli into the bowl, a pinch of salt, and a bit of water. Nuke it…and there you go, fresh and healthy! When it comes to meat, always prepare extra. Now that sounds like a sin, right? Not really. Whether it’s fish, shrimp or chicken, prepare extra as they too help in your moments of utter hunger.


Thus, in two minutes, you can actually have a yummy grab! Use lemon and pepper seasoning instead of the butter and cheese sauce, as it tastes awesome! Try new healthy recipes such as tangy chicken and baked Tilapia. Try lot of soups. These surprising recipes can actually make you love the protocol. Buy yourself a grill. It cooks…and cooks real fast! You have to take fruits twice a day. So be creative with it too. Try apple with cinnamon sauce. Relish on those strawberries after sprinkling some Stevia. These HCG diet tips are helpful for your success. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.



The HCG Protocol – Are You In Yet?

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by Premium

Try the HCG diet. It’s the best way to like ‘really’ lose weight.


The fatter you are the more difficult it is to lose weight. That’s why obese people find it so difficult to lose weight. It’s not that losing weight is impossible. What’s impossible is the uncontrollable urge to gorge on food. You’re depressed, you eat. You’re happy, you eat. You’re bored, you eat. If eating is what you do most of the time, you are at risk buddy! You need a miracle to stop that craving. Good weight-loss pills do stop that urge but that’s not enough. You need to have the energy left to get going. Follow the HCG protocol and you will benefit a lot.


Why the HCG Diet?

A person needs to conquer different stages to finally lose weight. Normal weight loss pills only help in controlling hunger. At the most they make you lose the normal fat reserve a bit. However, to grow thinner, you basically need to lose the fat that’s unnecessary. Burning the fat covering your bones is not good. Generally weight-loss aspirants give up at the very first stage. Most fall ill due to improper intake of food. You feel the hunger again and you pounce on those burgers. That’s frustrating! Moreover, you look miserable in your wrinkled skin. However, your thighs, hips, and belly remain as fat as before.

Do you really want this? The good news is you can actually lose weight, burn fat, and look better if you follow the HCG diet. The diet is divided into various phases.


Phase 1 (Day 1 and Day 2) – Eat a lot. Quality fat like cream, butter, eggs, meat, coconut oil, fish, and nuts are good.


Phase 2 and 3 (Day 3 to Day 24+) – Specific quantities of meat, salad, vegetables, and fruits – that’s all! Drink a lot of water and flush out those fat cells. Lengthen phase 2 if you want for losing more weight.


Phase 4 (Day 25 to Day 35) – Add foods as mentioned in the list. Generally healthy foods. By now your body has become used to the good foods and not the burgers!


Take the homoeopathic drops during phase 1 and 2 to release stored fat. These fill you up with energy and you can even work out to get better results.


HCG Protocol Ingredients


  • HCG
  • Irvingia
  • Garcinia
  • Mimulus
  • Gugulipid
  • Cambogia
  • Alcohol as preservative


Thus, if you are really upbeat in getting back in shape, get yourself in the HCG diet regime. You surely are going to get results!



Get Awed by the HCG Diet Results

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Premium

Numerous people have benefited from the HCG diet. The results are literally surprising. Follow it and get awed!


No matter how many diet sheets you follow and how many exercise regimes you tune in to, the excess fats keep coming back. Soon your battle to try and produce energy leads you to the intake of protein shakes and spending even more money to keep you from feeling fatigued. The HCG diet results speak otherwise. The HCG diet protocol lets you enjoy the naturally-induced energy and at the same time reaping the weight loss benefits. The excess fat will be released into your bloodstream and you won’t feel any hunger.


HCG Diet Precautions

Homoeopathic HCG products for treating menstruation and conception problems have been approved by the FDA. Very soon the FDA will also approve HCG drops as an effective measure to reduce weight. However, make sure you consult your physician before you start following the HCG diet regime. It has been clinically proved that the HCG diet does not have any interaction with any medication including the birth control pills.


HCG Diet Results and Benefits


  • Your metabolism increases and your testosterone levels are elevated a bit
  • You will understand that the fat is getting distributed as there will be a reduction of the flabby areas
  • There won’t be any starvation from the lack of calories as the body will be naturally fulfilled
  • There will be fat burning without muscle damage
  • An increase in libido in both men and women has been reported
  • Your craving for sweets will be reduced
  • You lose 20-30lbs in 30-40 days!


This diet program consists of three phases. The first phase is building up of the fat reserves by eating as much as you can while at the same time taking the HCG drops. Next is phase two where a 500 calorie diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and two meals of 3.5 oz protein has to be taken along with the drops. This goes on for 23-40 days. The last phase is all about maintenance after you have got your desired HCG diet results. It’s a new way of living where you stay away as much as you can from sugars and starches.


It’s better to go for the all natural homoeopathic HCG drops as they don’t have harmful side-effects. Therefore don’t get misled by what the critics say. You can even talk to people who have benefited from this diet. In short, the HCG diet results are always positive!




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